Play Poker with Rakeback and Increase Your Profit

Online poker is fun, but it is also a challenge. This is what makes the game so popular, so exciting and so much fun to play. While all of us would like to be winning players, most conventional wisdom suggests that only ten percent of online poker players walk away with a profit month after month. There are a number of ways to increase your win rate, including playing softer games, identifying and plugging leaks in your game or taking classes to improve your skills. However, there is one way that is guaranteed to increase your win rate, thereby increasing your potential profit, without any effort from you whatsoever. All you have to do is play and your win rate will improve. What is this magical method? Easy, it's joining an online poker rakeback program.

In the Long Run, You Pay Huge Amounts in Rake

As you probably know as an online poker player, the rake is the fee the online poker room charges for allowing you to play there. Since poker is not played against the house, but against other players, the rake is the main way most online poker rooms make any money. The way rake works is that the online poker room drags a percentage of the pot, usually no more than five percent, up to a maximum of $3 or $4, for themselves. For example, if the players build a $100 pot, the winner only actually receives $96 or $97. Over the thousands and thousands of hands that are played, this adds up to a significant amount of money.

How to Cut Down on the Rake

The way you make money in poker is by collecting more in the pots that you win than you lose in the ones that you don't win. Rake makes this proposition more difficult by cutting into those winning pots. Therefore, your overall win rate is less than it would be in a game with no house rake. Rakeback programs help overcome this problem. With a 30 percent rakeback program, nearly one third of the rake that you are responsible for is returned to your account. Since you're paying less rake, the pots you win represent a larger amount, making it easier to overcome your losses, thereby increasing your win rate. If you are a losing player, this can mean breaking even or even winning; and if you are already a winning player, this will mean increased profits.

Getting into a rakeback program is easy. All you have to do is sign-up with a new online poker room through the appropriate link on a rakeback site. Then just start playing on the site and enjoy seeing your online poker account get pumped up with rakeback every month.

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